Happy June!

What? It’s June? I’m sorry, where did the past 5 months go? Dear 2010, slow down a bit. Please take your freakin’ time.

In other news, I had SUCH a foodie fail this morning. You see, I always add certain spices to my omelets. The most important of these spices (and my personal favorite spice evvva) is crushed red pepper. Well, this is the problem:

They look the same...



Yes, that’s right. Yours truly added several VERY healthy shakes of cinnamon onto her omelet with mozzcheez, basil, black pepper, and garlic powder. Ugh, FAIL. Luckily, I was able to literally spoon out as much cinnamon as possible and salvage one of my favorite (and ultimate go-to) breakfasts.

Le omelet, GGs, and 2 blobs (red pepper hummus + salsa, obv)

It ended up being glorious, but there were definitely a few bites that still had cinnamon. Ah, well.

To balance out the morning fail, I had a baking victory tonight! I finally got around to trying out April’s protein brownies.

Yikes, non-natural lighting is awful

Verdict? Really pretty good. The oats made them chewy, which I really liked. The taste was good, not great, but DEFINITELY good enough to try again with a different protein powder. I see these being tossed into a yogurt mess in the very, very near future.

All cut up and ready to be eaten! Again, sorry for the lighting. Gah.

They’re so cute. I can also see some Naturally More PB being smothered all over them. Mmmm yes I can.

When did it get to be 11pm? Oh #&%$ I totally missed The Hills. Gotta go Hulu that shiz right now so I can get my dose of guiiiiilty pleasure TV before I get to bed.



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2 Responses to Happy June!

  1. Gillian G. says:

    ohmygosh, I LOVE Naturally More. my favorite pb ever. i should probably try those brownies soon too, i keep hearing about their wonderfulness, and i am NOT one to say no to brownies! šŸ™‚

  2. Just stumbled onto your blog and it’s way cute! I *hate* when I accidentally put things into what I’m making that I don’t intend to!! Such a downer lol your omelet still looked delish though (:

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