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Hi muffins!

I’m back after a two day hiatus. It was just necessary. BUT I have exciting things to share!

Remember the other day when I tried April’s protein brownies? Well, I decided to make the blondie version… and they came out SO GOOD. I cant stop eating them. Modifications include: no cocoa powder, vanilla protein powder instead of chocolate, 1 tsp vanilla instead of 1 tbsp, added 1 tbsp cinnamon, and added some chopped walnuts (will add more next time… DEFINITELY necessary).

Right out of the oven... clearly I couldn't wait to dig in

Guys, these were seriously good.

Close up

Is it weird that I find these babies so adorable?

All cut up and ready to go


SMOTHERED in Naturally More PB. OMG. This was incredible. I can’t really describe exactly how it tasted, but it was something like rich and decadent and, um, incredible. And re-living this moment right now is making me want, like, 5 more of these bad boys. Pronto.

Another thing I tried in the past 48 hours was some sort of Imitation Frap that has been circling the blog world (I forget which blog I read that inspired me to make this–otherwise I would link back, I’m sorrrrrry!)

Take that, Starbucks

Ingredients: 1 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened), 2 scoops chocolate rice protein powder (NutriBiotic), pinch (1/8 tsp) xanthan gum, stevia, ~8 ice cubes

The flavor was okay (I’m not the biggest fan of this protein powder–does anyone have suggestions how to make it less chalky?)… but I just CAN’T get the hang of xanthan gum. I know some of you bloggies swear by it, but I just can’t get it to thicken my shakes like I think it’s supposed to (and I’ve failed at making protein ice cream so many times). Do I need more ice? Do I need to use more gum? I’ve tried adding guar gum along with it, but the texture just ends up being so… gummy. Advice much needed/appreciated 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to sweat it out at the gym. Catch ya on the flipsiiiide.


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Happy June!

What? It’s June? I’m sorry, where did the past 5 months go? Dear 2010, slow down a bit. Please take your freakin’ time.

In other news, I had SUCH a foodie fail this morning. You see, I always add certain spices to my omelets. The most important of these spices (and my personal favorite spice evvva) is crushed red pepper. Well, this is the problem:

They look the same...



Yes, that’s right. Yours truly added several VERY healthy shakes of cinnamon onto her omelet with mozzcheez, basil, black pepper, and garlic powder. Ugh, FAIL. Luckily, I was able to literally spoon out as much cinnamon as possible and salvage one of my favorite (and ultimate go-to) breakfasts.

Le omelet, GGs, and 2 blobs (red pepper hummus + salsa, obv)

It ended up being glorious, but there were definitely a few bites that still had cinnamon. Ah, well.

To balance out the morning fail, I had a baking victory tonight! I finally got around to trying out April’s protein brownies.

Yikes, non-natural lighting is awful

Verdict? Really pretty good. The oats made them chewy, which I really liked. The taste was good, not great, but DEFINITELY good enough to try again with a different protein powder. I see these being tossed into a yogurt mess in the very, very near future.

All cut up and ready to be eaten! Again, sorry for the lighting. Gah.

They’re so cute. I can also see some Naturally More PB being smothered all over them. Mmmm yes I can.

When did it get to be 11pm? Oh #&%$ I totally missed The Hills. Gotta go Hulu that shiz right now so I can get my dose of guiiiiilty pleasure TV before I get to bed.



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Memorial (Mon)Day

Hi babies! Happy Memorial Day to you Americans out there! For the record, I totally started my day with an americano and felt super patriotic. That counts, right?

Ok anyway, there are a few vortex-like things about blogging. Like, I’m talking ways to get TOTALLY SUCKED IN and then realize um… 4 hours later that you’re still sitting. At your desk. With your laptop. Blogging. Or, NOT EVEN blogging — but reading the bagillions of blogs out there, or trying to spiff up your own blog, or figuring out how to fix something on your blog. It’s endless, kids. And dangerous.

Don’t worry, I also ate. And spent time with the fam on this glorious holiday. I haven’t brought my camera out to say HAAAAY to the public yet, so foodie pics today are limited. One highlight of the day, however, was this:

April's sweet bread with sugar free strawburrrry jelly

I finally got around to making April’s sweet bread… it’s delicious. Seriously, it’s GOOD. I recommend with PB, cream cheese, jelly, or my personal favorite: cream cheese AND jelly (CC&J?). MMMMM drool.

And here’s a blurry pic of the green monster of the day (GMOTD? We’re all about acronyms in bloggieland, aren’t we?)


Today’s GMOTD included 1/2 avocado, 2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, and 1 packet stevia. I’m totally biased because I’m an avocado LOVER (LOVER!) but if you haven’t tried putting avocado in your smoothie, go try it now. It will make your GMs so smoooth and creamy and delicious. You’re welcome.

Ok, time to go read more blogs. I meaaaan, snuggle with my puppy and watch a movie with the rents. Would the past few days classify as my “honeymoon period” with blogging? ‘Cause I can’t get enough of it. And soon, I’ll start my summer job, which will seriously be a problem if I can’t get myself away from my blog. Ooook, time to re-evaluate my priorities.


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I’m really trying…

…to be a cool & hip blogger, but I’m failing.

C’mon wordpress, cut the newbie some slack hurr. Can anyone tell me why my fonts change to that generic type-writer-y font on old posts and on my side bar? Is anyone out there? Maybe I should start commenting on other blogs as Veggie Sweet rather than anonymous. Yes, I think it’s time to come out and say heeeeylo.

Anyway, I’m currently eating some PB2 out of the jar. Yes, dry. Cause I like it like that sometimes.

Off to pretend that I’m a wordpress master.


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Some Stuff I Eat

Since this is a food blog and all, I guess I should show off some of the seriously yummy things I put in my belly on a regular basis.

For example, breakfast this morning was the following:

omelet and ggs

A delicious egg white omelet with mozzcheez with 2 GGs. Included was also a glob of TJ's roasted red pepper hummus and about three servings of salsa, but they weren't quite as photogenic.

I’m actually kinda surprised I haven’t seen more GGs around bloggieland. For those of you who haven’t heard of GGs, let me introduce you. They’re LOADED with fiber and can be eaten with anything. I love ’em with eggs (clearly), cream cheese & jelly, peanut butter & jelly, cottage cheese–the list goes on and on. On their own, they’re kind of, well, bran-ny, but they still have my heart. They’re wonderfully delish & fiberful.

Moooovin’ on, I also enjoy yogurt messes. I trust that none of you are strangers to these bowls of deliciousness.

Yogurt Mess1

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chia seeds, pumpkin, lotsa cinnamon and Katie's chocolate fudge protein cake. MmMmMm.

I don’t think I can go a day without eating some kind of yogurt mess. Does that qualify as addiction? Probably, but there are worse things to be addicted to. Just ask Ciggie Smalls.

Source & story. Heartbreakingly awful.

Other, more acceptable addictions include:

Big Bad Green Monsters

Yes, thanks to the blogworld I cannot get enough of green monsters. A healthy dose of spinach? Check. Endless ways to vary the recipe and ‘change it up a bit’? Check. Refreshing after a summer run? Check. Pretty green color? Double check, since that’s clearly the most important part.

Well, there’s your first taste (pun intended) of what enters by belly. I’m off to do some more lounging, cooking, and eating. Per usual.


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Hello there, blogettes, and welcome to Veggie Sweet! After years of stalking you all, I have finally decided to start a blog of my own. I’m not sure a) what this blog will actually turn into and b) how I can compete with the coolness of all of the other blogs out there, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

A lil bit ’bout myself: I’m 20 years old and will be starting my junior year of college in the fall (can we make time stop, puh-lease?). I grew up on the East Coast, go to school in the Midwest, and am pursuing a degree in English and Creative Writing.

As for FOOD related things–because I know that’s why we’re all here, anyway–I LOVE to cook, bake, recipize (verb; to make up recipes), eat, and dream about food. My favorites include chocolate, peanut butter, greek yogurt, avocados, coconut, pumpkin, and MANY other delectable things. I try to stay away from as much processed food as possible while nourishing my body with whole, healthy, and GREEN foods!

There are (obviously) many other parts of me but I don’t feel like boring you anymore tonight–stick around to find out 🙂


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